Sunday, March 28, 2010

Officially open for Tryouts

So we are now Officially Open for more members to join our fam . We finally got the new house so if u want to join our fam just msg : x_Chrissy_x on audition online . if not just go subscribe to our fam house at
WeGetNaughty . If no1 is on please keep checking back into out fam house , the house isn't set on private so feel free to go check it out . You can also msg : x_Taylor_x & ~BubbleTeax3 . We'd love to Have you in our fam ^-^


Hi guys thanks for visiting the WeGetNaughty Homepage . I am Chrissy the Leader of this fam . If you would like to get more info about our fam / or Ask to be a member just msg me at . So let me present to you guys the 2 Main CO-Leaders.
& Jessie